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Report - Ceulan Woollen Mill, Talybont- April- 19


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Ceulan Woollen Mill
a classic site, a lovely mooch in mid wales, perfect when going from aber to anything up north since its on the main road for doing that, even though for its size, its alot more interesting than the shells you can find in more populated places, everything was quite relaxed during this, i hope my pictures are not that bad still trying to see which methods work/look better

History (thank you @Idle Hands):

The mill was built in 1847 by the Morris family and produced cloth and flannel for the coal miners and farming communities to the south. It’s hard to imagine how it could have been any smaller an enterprise but it must have been initially, as it was extended in 1880 to cope with heightened demand for its goods.

The war years were hard though, and while production picked up again in the post war years and a shop was opened on site to sell directly to the public, it couldn’t compete with bigger and more modern factories doing the same thing, ultimately closing in 1962.

Over half a century later Ceulan Mill remains packed with machinery to the point that you can barely move inside, yarn still on the rusting looms and in baskets on the floor. Some years ago the current owners offered the mill to the National Trust to preserve for the nation, but as they were unable to also part-fund the restoration the Trust declined.

There’s a water wheel barely visible now in the vegetation climbing the mill which provided its power. It also provided power to the Bethel Chapel and high street, making Talybont the first rural village in Ceredigion to have any form of electricity. The parish council paid £10 per annum for street lighting and houses were charged 5 shillings for a 60W lamp, with a further seven shillings and sixpence for 3 months’ electricity supply. Mr Morris cut the power at 10.30pm each night believing that was late enough for the villagers to be awake!

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Nicely done! I loved this place, it's so jam-packed with stuff. Good to see it's still unmolested too.

Idle Hands

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Nice to see it's still unchanged. Considering the lack of windows it's incredible after almost 60 years abandoned!

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