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Report - Chaddesden Culvert, Derby - Sept 2010


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Visited by Woodburner & Thompski, originally discovered by Thenewmendoza

Chad culvert is short and sweet, only 500m long and runs under a housing estate and then a 'wholesaler' carpark before dropping into the River Derwent near a flyover.

Wasn't anything epic but gave me a chance to muck about with flouros and experiment with lighting. The shape was very similar to Manchester's Big Humpty but a lot smaller, parts of it being corrugated pipe and parts being concreted.

Anywho, on with the pics.

The infall, we could actually hear someone mowing the grass up here to didn't hang around for long, well long enough for us to have a drain-wee. :thumb


Messing about with flouros in a nice straight concreted bit.


same bit without flouros.


An inspection chamber towards the outfall end.


Nearly there, light at the end of the tunnel.


Final section of concrete box with raised edges.


After this shot I packed the gear away and we wandered back down to the outfall to make out exit. We had quite a bow-wave going in front of us so we kept pace with it and made a satisfying splash as it fell over the waterfall.

Its all about the simple pleasures <-- The meaning of life ;)

Thanks for looking.


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