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Report - Chalk pit - near Braton white horse April 2021

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History- I have searched the internet and sadly this is all I can find .

This 20 million cubic metre hole in the ground is scarcely visible in the locality, because it is below the ridge of the downs, and backed by MOD land to the south. Operated from 1962 to 2009, it supplied Middle and Lower Chalk to the cement plant. The chalk was ground in washmills beyond the mound in the centre of the view, making a slurry with about 40% water. This was pumped to a holding tank then transferred to the cement plant through a buried 2.3 km pipeline

the explore.

So after a lovely morning caving me and @Bikin Glynn decided to investigate his google maps that you can’t actually see because it has around 2k pins on it , after telling him I ent going to some residential derp we decided to go to a few sites you shall see in the upcoming reports and this was are last one . Sadly before this I did spot around 4 residential”s and we ended up doing one ! After showing up we found the access after about 5 minutes , all I am going to say is be carful of the drop if you go you shall see what I mean ! No issues really to report it’s a lovely relaxing walk and is a very photogenic place I think you could get great Ariel photos their !

Looked very tempting I have to say !

Let’s get going !

After signing in we went on a first aid course due to some mad electrics !



Their was so many cool electrical things their I shall not upload them all and get to some nice industrial items !

Big boy scale stuff here !
Very photogenic

Had a feeling someone important stood here watching the big machines al day on 100k a year

A nice red room best tell the council about this environmental damage


Looked important once upon a time ! Let’s jump outside now

Going for a walk around sadly their is some graff

Some huge cogs about 4m wide at least

Large mixing rakes

Time to say bye to the big building and finish of with what made it all possible



It’s a very big hole and my crap photos don’t do it justice !

thanks for looking any issues let me know ! D&b




change your name to the lazy - wanderer you have so much stuff your end need to pull finger out


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April 2020 or 2021? ;)

Looks good this, one I've wanted to do for a while now.

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I go past this most weeks and always tell myself need to go in one day... in fairness it's on one of my running routes and tricky to stop the running once started. Need to remind myself more forcibly to go in.. I will put a post-it note up on the fridge.

The online history is scarce. The only snippet of information that I have to add is that it is said to be the largest chalk pit in the UK.

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