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Report - Chalybeate Silica Mine - Powys- Mini Report, March 2012


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Visited this after going to the Dinas Silica Mine. The water was above waist depth and and the mud must have been about knee depth! Plus the air didnt seem to great so I didnt hang about as I never had the four gas with me :mad:

Sorry for the crap pics, was trying to keep the camera out of the water!

1 This is the first sight of the mine after coming through the entrance adit.


2 A very deep side passage




4 Drainage Adit, this get smaller and smaller down to about 12 inches, then it exits onto a river bank.


Will definitely have to go back when the water levels are a bit lower as there seemed to be plenty of side passages to check out.


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Very nice :thumb

If this is anything like the Dartmoor Silica ones you'll be covered in glitter for months, everything I owned glittered - camera, tripod, waders.

(you try launching boats at a Naval base in glittery waders!!!)

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