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Report - Chapel House, Radcliffe, Jan 2018


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Hi all..After a tough day at work, thought I would try my luck localy and stumbled across this place..Mid demolition.

Unofotunately not much history to be found on this place so ill let the images do the talking. Here is the history I do have:

Church/ Sunday School History :

It was founded before 1883.

The Methodist New Connexion was formed in 1797 when it seceeded from the Wesleyan Methodists.

By 1855 a Church/Sunday school was financed on the corner of Ainsworth Road and Smyrna Street which gradually became over-subscribed.

In 1907 the Methodist New Connexion merged with the United Methodist Free Church and the Bible Christians to form the United Methodist Church.

In 1932 the United Methodists joined with the Wesleyan Methodists and the Primitive Methodists to form the Methodist Church of Great Britain.

It changed its use in 1962 when the Methodist New Connexion Church amalgamated with others to become the New Wesley Methodist Church.

It was previously used by an engineering firm, Woodmod Ltd.

It was then used as a joinery workshop.

Now it is due to be demolished to make place for more homes.



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Noticed this pop up in the paper the other day, good to see people hitting local stuff! Looks in fairly decent nick still too, nice shots


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Looks alright that! Couple of really good images there, especially the typewriter one :thumb