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Report - Chapel Manor - Northants = Aug 18

Bikin Glynn

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I genuinely have no history on this place & cant even figure out how old it may be.
Parts of it certainly seem to have some age to them, but at least half is newly built.

What I can be pretty certain of is that work stopped some time ago, this was evident by the fact that the steel beams were supplied by my company & beard the initials of my old driver who left 4-5 yrs back.
Was taken here by a couple of top local lads some time back, the explore was pretty straightforward, though this is in quite a clicky area with neighbours keeping an eye on it & parking on drive to make it look like the property is inhabited.
Saying that it looked like external work may of begun again at the time of our visit so Im not sure what the situation is there now.

The place is pretty much empty but still holds some nice architectural features.

Bizarrely this is an internal wall where I believe old meets new

Thanks for looking

Calamity Jane

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Lovely building. Some great features here. Great condition. Nice back cat there. I love looking at these kind of houses as I grew up in two. I hated it at the time, but appreciate them now. :thumb

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