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Report - Charles Wicksteed's house - June 19

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Charles Wicksteed is an well known name in Kettering, he was as an inventor and engineer who moved to Kettering as a Steam Ploughing contractor who set up an engineering company.
After the war he primarily designed and built play equipment, often using bits and pieces from his engineering business, and creating swings and slides to thrill young and old alike. This business grew, eventually exporting play equipment to over 80 countries around the world .

Charles purchased land in 1913 & in 1921 opened what is now the oldest "theme park" in the UK. He put into practice his deep-held belief that all children, no matter how rich or poor, should have somewhere safe and fun to play outdoors.
It is believed that he pledged in his will that the park & play equipment should remain free access to all the people of Kettering, which to this day it is.
The park has the oldest ride in Europe (a water chute) which Iv recently had the privilege of welding the seriously decaying structural beams supporting the "boat" at the top.

Wicksteed engineering is still going but is now separate from the park which is a charitable trust, chances are anywhere in the country you will find swings & roundabouts in your local park bearing the wicksteed name

On to his house, not much to tell really.
This was a sizeable house off Northampton road, after his death It was last used as an annex to a Nunnery and is now being redeveloped very tastefully by Bastion Build.
I was fortunate enough to be able to sneak a few pics mid refurb. Nothing that exciting inside bar some nice architecture. Not great pics either but thought it worth sharing.

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