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Report - Charlton Storm Relief Sewer and CSO (This Is It) London – September 2019


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I recall seeing some additions/changes in one drain that ran under a bank or the financial district itself in london that had reinforced concrete added over the brickwork. Also some because of crossrail construction above? Bound to happen over the years, as well as the elf and safety stuff also.


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pretty sick place but i can't imagine the smell lol
To be honest there's not much of a smell, not a bad one anyway.
The only smell in the overflow tunnel is just one of damp. The part where the sewers flow is fine too when you bear in mind that less than 5% of the contents of sewage is turd. The rest is mainly water with detergents: bubble bath, shower gel, soap, washing powder etc.

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Clean as a whistle :turd

Was a bit too deep and fast flowing for a shower, I did however have one @Gorton Falls years ago after a trip to 'Chemical Valley'...Tru story.

o_O I bet that was lovely!!

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