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Report - Château Clochard - France - July 2012


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Finally had the chance to visit this beauty. Have seen reports dating from a few years back already but we never made it back there.
The castle was built in the end of the 14th century to guard the French against the English. In 1412 it was taken by Philips of Bourgondy and the castle was set to fire.
It was restored later on by the English and used to house very important British aristocrates.
It was rebuilt in the 19th century after it has been destroyed. The current owner since 10 years has no hurry in restoring the place, and that is what the community would like to see the most. This beautiful piece of French heritage should get the chance to have a second life. Or in the meantime a 3rd or a 4th....

Unfortunatly 3 weeks after we have visited the place is burned down to the grounds.
Hard to beleive that maybe we where the last visitors before it's destroyed completly.

Visited this location in July 2012

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