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Report - Château Madame J - Belgium - June 2015


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The original castle was built in the 17th century and was owned by a local magistrate. It has a rich history and stories go that even world famous painter Rubens visited this castle.

It was burned down in the end of the 19 century and was rebuilt in the beginning of the 20th century. It had several owners but the last owners left a few years ago, when the city decided to build a subway track 10 meters in front of the castle. Clearly nobody is interested anymore in this beautiful castle with it's rich history, and abandonment isn't doing the castle any good....

This was to be the first stop on our euro travels and we were met with 42°c of blistering heat! The château itself seems to have recently suffered some extensive vandalism with signs of people sleeping rough on the upper floors.






Once again, thanks for looking! :)​


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It wouldn't surprise me if it were the homeless that set the place on fire, judging by the amount of beds that were in the attic space.

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