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Report - Cheadle Royal Hospital - Heald Green Sep 14


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South House - Cheadle Royal Hospital

It's been a long time since I trod the corridors of this ex mental hospital and after school hangout of epically derped out proportions.
Fire damaged, with missing floors, windows, stairwells, and any redeeming features.

It's barely worth a look these days, but as I was passing, and the place is hardly fort Knox, I thought why not !?

History bit

Cheadle Royal Hospital, originally the Manchester Royal Lunatic Asylum, is a psychiatric hospital situated on Wilmslow Road in Heald Green, Greater Manchester, England.
Built between 1848-1849, the main building is Grade II listed and was designed by Richard Lane in the Elizabethan style.

The main part of the hospital is now a modern unit owned by the priory group


For an annexe, it's quite an impressive looking building with typically northern red brick exterior :cool


I never thought I'd find anywhere as messed up as Barnes hospital, but I reckon this place is it


Nice to find the stairwells intact along with the original iron railings, although a bit of carpet wouldn't go amiss



Looks like the fire damage was pretty extensive, although nothing a bit of cavity loft insulation couldn't fix



corridor porn galore, this place could be a ghost hunters wet dream


As you can see, it's well messed up but possibly worth a wander if your in the area....Cheers for taking a look :thumb


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It's got some good photo oppurtinities, thanks for the report. Find any left over equipment?

Oxygen Thief

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Missed this first time around, and found it by a Google search for Heald Green Asylum. Thought it was in another country !

Tom Rudd

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As one of the first big abandoned buildings i ever visited, ive always kinda liked this place. Its an absaloute wreck these days and hardly worth the explore, but i was wondering if anybody had a little more history on the place? I was curious as to when it built mostly. the large hospital which is still in use today was built 1847-49, but looking at ariel pictures from 1927, this building was not here.

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