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Report - Chelmsford City center marconi Site June 2014.


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I popped my head in here back in 2011 with two others and we all found ourselves nicked for all that being on enclosed premisis lark. After 13 hours I got my bad food and NFA letter and in all honesty I never thought I would go back. Anyways my boss mentioned the place had two cranes up and en route home from work I thought I would give it a go.
It turned out to be three trips in the end and had police contact on the last time. They were just fine name check and all that jazz.

The photos.



I lasted about three minutes this time before I ran into a nice security guard. He joked about me not making him jump when I go back in the dark.





I am scared of heights so I have to listen to Jonny Cash on my Ipod on the way up and down.


Thanks for looking.

Spongebob. x


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I couldn't honestly say. I am aware they said they would but then St. John's was supposed to retain whol buildings. Ironically they ploughed down the ones that were fortified. Claiming they were too badly damaged.


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Did they keep the boiler house and water tower in the end?
Yes they did, water tower, boiler/power house, Marconi house and the remaining cottages are all being renovated.

Nice report, and well done for getting a report up on this one. Pictures were real good.


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I have just found some more shots can you tell me how to edit the post and add them? Sorry to be a retard.

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