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Report - - Cheltenham Town- River Chelt Culvert -14/03/09 | UK Draining Forum |

Report - Cheltenham Town- River Chelt Culvert -14/03/09

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So first thing while people went about the usual saturday shopping, Hpipe and myself thought we would check out the culvert which runs underneath Cheltenham town, holding the river Chelt and which Cheltenham is named after (ok obvious:) ) but im not sure how many people realise actually runs underneath their feet.
This was our second attempt as it turned out at one end to be much deeper than we had guessed so this was a rerun with better kit....

Tiny bit of history...
Recent news on the culvert basically was that the Enviroment agency spent a fortune on desilting the culvert for the river chelt at the end of last year to help prevent flood problems that occured in 07.
Half of the culvert appears to have been replaced in the last 10/15 years but some of the original, brick structure remains(although relined).
It is approximatly 1/2 km long.

While maybe not the most interesting of culverts - A few pictures i hope captures it...

one of the many road access points

new meets old





Pride in your work, even included a coin?



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hahaha, good work guys, you get naming rights!

It looks pretty good, still some really old stuff in those side pipes.

Zero, your totally on the money there, but so much topside epicness has been taking place too! More is to come though!


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28DL Full Member
Cool :) Nice to see something local :)

The one ive always been interested in in cheltenham is the one in St Peters park (i think its called that? behind whatever they call st benedicts secondary school these days).

The chelt runs through the park, and by the BMX track it goes down a big waterfall, and to the side of that is a gated tunnel big enough to drive a car down, i presume it is a storm drain, but its always been dry when ive seen it.

Would love to see where that leads, never dared when i was younger and not even been to that park for about 10yrs!


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Nice work!

I was trying to get to 'The Plughole' in Sandford Park the other week.. Will need a bit more work though..

I didn't make it into the Gap Culvert itself, wish I had now! :)