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Report - Chene House - Channel Islands - July 2010


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Just off a main junction in a lane thats rarely used, the house makes a corner but is unfortunately in easy view of a few other inhabited houses.

The house has been empty for about 30 years from what I could find out. A local family owns it along with quite a few others but they refuse to sell, :crazy they choose instead to let it rot...... which is a great shame because it could be a beautiful house, but then it would not have been such a great explore!

I visited in the summer during a week day so most people were at work or otherwise busy, the house isnt of great size, four rooms downstairs, four up, and a pretty awesome attic which i stuck my head into, didnt fancy walking up there though! Generally walking around in the house was quite challenging as the owners appear to have once used it for storage of farm equipment, there was stuff everywhere, the majority was rusted and not really recognisable, however a few decent bits remained, an old bike, a couple of horse saddles etc.

I took my film and digital SLR, the black and white shots are from the film camera, processed at home away from prying eyes, and the colour are digital. There was some great light in the house, the windows were not completely boarded up which allowed some natural light to filter through, not much but enough to get some half decent shots with a tripod (although this proved a challenge in itself because of the crap all over the floor!)



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