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Report - Chepstow ROC Post - monmouthshire group - June 2018


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  • Opened December 1962
  • Closed October 1968
My visit
Getting to this post was a bit more of a hassle than it should have been. According to google maps a public footpath ran through the fields instead i found myself in front of someones house with no sign of any path. Finally i gave up and just legged it through the fields getting slightly worried about the presence of large farm animals. Edging towards the post was a work out in itself as the hill leading up to it is rather steep and while still running to avoid detection this made it rather taxing.

This post in particular has had all surface feature removed and reduced to ground level. the access shaft has been infilled with what is probably the remains of the surface features and soil as there is grass growing out of it. The most clearly visible feature of this post is the mound and the concrete apron from around the access shaft

finally reaching the post i found very little has changed since subbrits visit in 1998 all that had significantly changed was the sump pipe which was poking out the ground has been removed and the area is generally just now rather overgrown. The post would have had a rather imposing view over the Bristol channel and would have probably been a viable location for the overground WW2 Aircraft Post

taken by Nick catford in 1998 - source http://www.subbrit.org.uk/rsg/roc/db/987854676.html

The concrete apron from around the access shaft

The apron is becoming increasingly hidden by soil

clearly visible the mound around the post

The truncated fsm pipe although the bpi wasn't in sight


A vague concrete square shows where the vent would have been

Supporting rods around the sealed access shaft

A closer view of the concrete apron of the vent

The view the post would have had over the Bristol channel

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