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Report - Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, Ukraine, May16

The Wombat

Mr Wombat
28DL Full Member

Where do I start!

Had an awesome action packed beer drenched week-long trip in the zone,. I took 1400 photos, and saw some amazing sites in Pripyat.

I’m going to start with Chernobyl Nuclear power plant, as it is a once in a lifetime site. It is my first nuclear power plant (!) and although originally sceptical about radiation levels, the dose I received in my 3 hour visit should be acceptable. Our tour guide had worked at the plant for 26 years!

There was, understandably, a vast amount of security and ID checks to enter the plant. Although the station is long decommissioned, there is still plenty of activity around here, and will be for the foreseeable future. We had a comprehensive briefing on the disaster before entry, then some security and were led to the new sarcophagus construction yard. Some more security & lengthy ID checks, dressed up in all lab coats, foot covers & hat, more security, then inside the nuclear power plant. An exceptionally long corridor linked the 4 reactors. Control rooms for each nuclear reactor on the left, and turbine halls on the right. Nuclear Reactor 2 control room was a real highlight. I have never seen so many buttons & dials. Radiation was surprisingly low here. Then on to the wall beside the reactor 4, which had the accident. The giger counter went bonkers. Moving swiftly on to Nuclear reactor 3 turbine hall, which was very impressive. Finally more security, and radiation checks, and the monument outside. An outstanding visit.

I’ve got loads of photos of Pripyat, and the partially built reactor cooling tower for reactor 5, which was never finishsed. All to follow.

Explored with the excellent company of Stig, Auntieknickers, The Lone Ranger & two non members.


The history is well documented on the net. In summary:

The Chernobyl disaster happened on 26 April 1986, in Ukraine, former USSR.

An explosion & fire released large quantiies of radioactive particles into the atmosphere over current day Ukraine & Belarus. It was the worst nuclear disaster in history. It is one of only two level 7 events (the other being Fukushima in 2011. To contain the contamination cost a lot money and a lot of lives. The other 3 nuclear reactors were restarted the same year, and were not decommissioned for some years later.

The memorial, outside the power plant

new sarcophagus (costing 1.5 Billion)
This will replace the aging 30 year old original concrete version


Here is the remains of Reactor 4, with reactor 3 in the background



Lets go inside!

The very long corridor (hundreds of meters)

The crew







So many buttons



This was next to Reactor Number 4 (which exploded)
This is the monument
The giger counter went bonkers near here

giger counter still not happy here





View of the power plant

Tripods and lab coats

Radiation check

Here is a scale model of the Reactor 4 which exploded.
Apparently, the Multi tonne reactor in the middle litrally hit the roof when it exploded


This explains (perhaps best in the diagrams!) how the new sarcophagus which has already been constructed next to reactor 4, will be moved into position over the power plant

Sorry for the volume of photos....
So much to share.
Thanks for looking


The Wombat

Mr Wombat
28DL Full Member
Good stuff, although not sure how those girl's blouse's amount to suitable PPE, safety is definitely not paramount here :D

Thanks mate.

Can't say the attire filled me with confidence!
I think it was relatively safe, if not fashionable :D


Irregular Member
Regular User
Awesome stuff. Gutted I couldn't make this trip. Glad you all had an awesome time. Happy to sit and chat about this over a beer. :thumb
Great snaps

The Stig

Urbex = Nosey Bastard
Regular User
You was shitting bricks all the time about the levels of radiation lol maybe explains why you was keeping a tight hold of the geiger counter all the time lol

The Wombat

Mr Wombat
28DL Full Member
You was shitting bricks all the time about the levels of radiation lol maybe explains why you was keeping a tight hold of the geiger counter all the time lol
I think it pays to be cautious, after all it was the worst nuclear accident.
There was one hot spot the guide showed us where the counter rocketed up to 80. Not a place to loiter!