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Report - Chernobyl - Pripyat School & Swimming pool

The Wombat

Mr Wombat
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Report 2 from our epic trip to Chernobyl!

Right after our visit inside the nuclear power plant, we returned to Pripyat and visited the school & swimming pool. Two of my favourite locations from the trip. I spent nearly an hour on my own wandering the corridors & looking in various class rooms, and even a trip to the rooftop. At every turn I was amazed at the scale of decay in this building, and the abandoned classrooms. On one level the floor was strewn with school text books - sometimes up to a foot deep. It was all very sad. I left the floor of gas masks till last.
A thought provoking place.

I met up with the rest of the group, and the next one; The swimming pool was a brighter affair, and fun to explore & photograph.

Explore with Stig, Auntieknickers, TLR & 2 non members.

The history is well documented on the net. In summary:

Pripyat was a purpose built city for Chernobyl nuclear power plant (pop nearly 50,000). Founded in 1970, the whole city was evacuated after The Chernobyl disaster happened in April 1986, in Ukraine, former USSR.

The city had been large enough for 20 schools for various ages, a hospital, numerous sports facilities, a fairground, fire & police station, shops and many housing blocks.

An explosion & fire released large quanties of radioactive particles into the atmosphere over current day Ukraine & Belarus. It was the worst nuclear disaster in history. It is one of only two level 7 events (the other being Fukushima in 2011.) To contain the contamination cost a lot money and lives. Today Pripyat remains uninhabited.






Floor of text books




gas masks




The infamous floor of gas masks, used during the explosion




school sports hall





another sports hall, at the swimming pool

A thoroughly enjoyable explore​
thanks for looking

The Wombat

Mr Wombat
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Nice photos Mr womblebat :D what a place!... I love the cash till shot but Cant help but think of stuey out of family guy when I see that doll on the chair :) looks like you had a great trip.
Thanks uncle Kwan :)
I really enjoyed this place.
Haha, Stuey out of Family guy - hadn't seen the resemblance till now :D

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Mr Wombat
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Nice set of shots here, I have seen a few of the schools in Prypyat and think this one is my favourite one
Thanks Zero :)
I really liked this place, one of my favourites.
Saw the kindergarten, but never got round to the other schools. But we did something like 29 sites - a year's exploring in 3 action packed days!
Will have to go back to do the rest!


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Its interesting to watch the slow decay advance with every year's visit. Great shots mate.


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Cracking photos. This place is reported on a lot but it never gets old.

Chernobyl is definitely at the top of my bucket list.


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Always nice to see shots from here and peoples different slant n the place,nicely photographed mate some belters in there

The Wombat

Mr Wombat
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Always nice to see shots from here and peoples different slant n the place,nicely photographed mate some belters in there
Cheers Wevsky :)
Appreciate that mate.

It was a fantastic trip, and really great to photograph.

The Wombat

Mr Wombat
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The locals where a funny bunch where we stayed but the whole trip is certainly an experience
haha, and the whole 'soviet hospitality' thing was an experience!
3 course dinner, lunch, and even breakfast - steamed meat dumplings, a course of 3 fried battery farm eggs on a plate on their own, followed by a course of sickly sweet pancakes, and a course of coffee on its own!
Then there was the 'service with a smile' Lol

I do have to say, our guide was outstanding