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Report - Chernobyl & Pripyat September 2017

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On this visit was myself, @AuntieKnickers , @The Lone Ranger ,@EOA @raisinwing, @burb147, @xorguinae & a non member.
This trip was a laugh a minute from the word go, TLR was originally going to come but had to pull out due to work so EOA jumped on board, THEN 2 weeks before flying out TLR had a shift changed which allowed him to come along. We also was lucky enough to have the same tour guide as last year's trip which was a bonus. During the 3 days in the zone we covered 43 different sites/buildings from the normal sites to the off beat different parts of Pripyat, also couple of hours in the off limits Reactor 5 & 6.
Only selected a small handful of pictures from the 800 odd pictures which was taken as the site has many of the same pictures to view too.


The accident, which occurred in the early morning of April 26, 1986, resulted when operators took actions in violation of the plant’s technical specifications. Operators ran the plant at very low power, without adequate safety precautions and without properly coordinating or communicating the procedure with safety personnel.
The four Chernobyl reactors were pressurized water reactors of the Soviet RBMK design, or Reactor BolshoMoshchnosty Kanalny, meaning “high-power channel reactor.” Designed to produce both plutonium and electric power, they were very different from standard commercial designs, employing a unique combination of a graphite moderator and water coolant.
The reactors also were highly unstable at low power, primarily owing to control rod design and “positive void coefficient,” factors that accelerated nuclear chain reaction and power output if the reactors lost cooling water.
These factors all contributed to an uncontrollable power surge that led to Chernobyl 4’s destruction. The power surge caused a sudden increase in heat, which ruptured some of the pressure tubes containing fuel.
The hot fuel particles reacted with water and caused a steam explosion, which lifted the 1,000-metric-ton cover off the top of the reactor, rupturing the rest of the 1,660 pressure tubes, causing a second explosion and exposing the reactor core to the environment. The fire burned for 10 days, releasing a large amount of radiation into the atmosphere.
The Chernobyl plant did not have the massive containment structure common to most nuclear power plants elsewhere in the world. Without this protection, radioactive material escaped into the environment.
The crippled Chernobyl 4 reactor now is enclosed in a concrete structure that is growing weaker over time. Ukraine and the Group of Eight industrialized nations have agreed on a plan to stabilize the existing structure by constructing an enormous new sarcophagus around it, which is expected to last more than 100 years.
Officials shut down reactor 2 after a building fire in 1991 and closed Chernobyl 1 and 3 in 1996 and 2000, respectively.
Duga 3
Soviet 'over the horizon'(OTH) radio system

IMG_4416 (Medium).JPG

Music School

IMG_4515 (Medium).JPG

One of the operating theatre in the main hospital in Pripyat

IMG_4538 (Medium).JPG

Xrays in the Children Hospital

IMG_4575 (Medium).JPG

Main assembly area in Jupiter Factory

IMG_4592 (Medium).JPG

Walk way at Jupiter Factory

IMG_4610 (Medium).JPG

School No.2 Pripyat

IMG_4618 (Medium).JPG

Dodgem cars at the Amusement Park

IMG_4636 (Medium).JPG

The Famous Ferris wheel from a different view point

IMG_4633 (Medium).JPG

Reactor 1,2,3 & 4 from the incomplete reactor 5&6

IMG_4682 (Medium).JPG

Incomplete reactor hall 5&6

IMG_4705 (Medium).JPG

School No.4 Pripyat

IMG_4768 (Medium).JPG

Thank you for looking.
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Cracking set of snaps, chap.

It definitely was a laugh a minute. Boys knobs, creamy flaps, my smashed ring and other shenanigans! :thumb

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@UrbandonedTeam ,,thanks for that fella. This was the 3rd time I've been, each time it just get better as we do more and more. If you want info about trips over there drop a message over :thumb

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Nice clock pic, the other photos are spot on too :thumb
A very enjoyable trip, cheers for organising it (again).

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Nice clock pic, the other photos are spot on too :thumb
A very enjoyable trip, cheers for organising it (again).
And it was a pleasure of your company for the second year :rolleyes: and no worries about organising it