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Chernobyl, The Lost Film


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Just.... wow. Thanks for sharing.


1 of them cnuts off 28dsl
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Thanks for sharing was good but very sad.


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It's really hard to imagine what they all went through in those first weeks following the disaster, it also goes to show the apparent lack of understanding of the effects of radiation (even though the world had experienced it previously). I suppose it goes to show what we take for granted 20 odd years later with the information highway available to us. There has been some cracking reports on Chernobyl lately, and they go a good way to showing people the state left behind, but this vidoe add that little something else....

Thanks for shareing :thumb


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I find this film fascinating, the fact they are just running around with face masks on, we quickly learnt that nuclear also comes with a little problem of radiation.

If you can find any information on it, on a totally different subject matter, see if you can find out some information on what sort of drug tests and such the US military exposed their soldiers to a few decades ago. That's also sickeningly fascinating


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thanks for the link, i really enjoyed it. the chernobyl disaster always fascinated me. yes, really sad, but fascinating.

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