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Report - Chernobyl Zone - Basements of Jupiter Factory in Pripyat


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A factory located on the outskirts of Pripyat, officially producing tape recorders and other home electronics while in reality it was heavily involved in semiconductors production for the Soviet military. The site remained operational until the early 1990's and the basements were likely used as a nuclear fallout decontamination research facility after the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

Two main "attractions' of this place are remains of a chemical laboratory and and military-style metal crates boxes with highly radioactive fine powder. One explorer claims he tested a sample on a mass spectrometer and the contents matches the fission products you'd expect to find in the RBMK reactor. At the end of one of the corridors there's also an elevator shaft which seems to go even deeper with some oily substance spilling through a gap in the door.

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