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Report - Chernobyl, Zone & Pripyat Sept 2010 - Part 1 - Power Plant


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Hi Guys, Heres my 2nd report!

Here are the pics of my visit to the Exclusion zone around Chernobyl power plant and Pripyat itself.

The whole visit was such an experience for me, I'm looking to plan another visit soon.

The difference to my visit is that, unlike all the other company's doing visits to the zone, i had around 2 full days in the Zone around Pripyat and Chernobyl to explore and visit.

Hopefully this set of pictures will show the area well and provide inspiration for others who may want to go to the area!

Check my thread in rumors etc for information on the trips

Now for the pics, ill have do these threads in different posts as theirs quite a few images!

Post 1 - Chernobyl Power Plant:


Sunrise in Slavutych (where we were staying - we would get the train with the workers to the Chernobyl plant) - There are over 2000 people still working at the plant today.


Dosimeter machines, these need to be used whenever you leave the Zone to measure for residual radiation which you may have picked up during your visit.

These machines are a formality more than anything, our guide said that if you don't pass the check, they have an engineer come to fix the machine, Ha.


Corridor to the Power plant area where our bus* (for getting around was awaiting)

*you can still not legally roam around the exclusion Zone without a guide (or a power plant pass), Pripyat itself is within a military checkpoint aswell as a fence border, if you are caught out side these areas you can be shot on sight.



Reactor 4, which exploded on 26th April 1986 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chernobyl_disaster


Monument to remember those that died in the explosion and the coming weeks


Radiation levels in front of the Reactor, 7.5 uSV is considered a safe amount, so well within levels, the only areas which jumped to around 17 uSV where while driving through the red forest


Radiation levels around the corner from the reactor past the river


Leaving Reactor 4


Reactor number 5 - this was in construction in 1986 at the time of the explosion, it was never finished and is in the condition it was left in 1986

Next, part 2 - Chernobyl Town