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Report - - Cherry Knowles Lunatic Asylum, Sunderland, 13.2.2008 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - Cherry Knowles Lunatic Asylum, Sunderland, 13.2.2008

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Been here maybe a dozen times, yet everytime its always different, theres always something new to find, some new detoriation, new stories to tell.

Got up early, wanted to be uber early for the daily fog, but missed it :rolleyes:

After taking some externals (on film, so have to wait a week or two for them) in the morning light headed on in. Theres plenty of new boarding, esp round the back/admin side, in the last 3-6months that entire side has gone from very bad - every single pain is smashed and everything is boarded.

I know everybody says its worse everytime, but the last 6months have really really really been bad, I've known cherry now for just 18months out of its 16yr state of empty'ness. And can certainly say, its finished now :mad:
Over 90% of the lead is gone from the roofs, every single turret/spire room thing has lost its lead, all corridoors gone, all accessible ward blocks have lost it, and even the greater spires of admin have lost most of it. Appauling. Security/police have nabbed 2 I think, maybe 12 in the 16yrs I read somewhere, not good enough TBH.

Talking of police, met them on our way out, more later...

not many externals as I said, their on film :p


The main hall, worse for wear as always, although the sun made the colours stand out better


Yes its edited, but not HDR'd (cos I can't work HDR), just normal dodge+burn like what you'd do to film.




really liked this corridoor, although my photography skills don't do it justice


chairs in corridoors, defo wasn't there last time, neither were the other chairs that I found about the place, where they came from I have no idea as I have prob spent collectively 40-60hrs in here in total.


bloody multiplying I tell thee!


look'd cosy...


just 2 of maybe 4-500 request forms for works to be completed, not many looked like they got done neither!


for the computer freaks


fav digital shot of the day :)


out near admin now, adjacent to the button room (although most of the buttons have now gone), the ceiling was more in tach last time, now you can see the roof and the blocked up skylights, I think it *may* have been stores for belongings, bit like the one in royds, roof/skylights/arrangement is similar


no lead nor windows nor slate to protect the corridoors now, all are complete write-offs. Interesting double window arrangement on this one to send light down 2 corridoors aswell as lighting the crossroads


Some of the patients pottery creations in the room behind the swim pool (level was low BTW)


stepped in man poo here last march, was the worst thing thats ever happened to me on an explore :freak


Despite being here so much this is the first time I found the hairdressers, despite the signage


some of the raised wallpaper in admin


minor hidden details behind the false ceilings in admin. Beware, both floors beneath the main admin tower/spire are now very very very soft as the lead is gone, and half the slates! I sank about 6-8" thru both of them whilst staging a shot and flung myself toward the door, then had to crawl back for my tripod/cam :freak


downstairs admin, again, more minor plaster details hidden by nasty burn't tiles, why oh why did the 70's happen :banghead


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Re: Cherry Knowles Lunatic Asylum, Sunderland, Report 13.2.2008



t3h morg, finally...


I have believed the entire time it was totally stripped out, but the fridges/chapel of rest/viewing window/waiting room remains, and very soggy it is too!
Again all lead removed in last 6month, and half the tiles. this building was very tidy before that!



nope, I didn't try to get in the fridge, was full of asbestos', and the trays weren't fixed down!


this is the other side of the doors! Managed this by sticking camera thru boards (which security saw, and storey follows), this was the side room, the room thru the door was the slab room, it was removed late 80's at a guess and was an extension of the workers/joiners offices.



anybody thats been a few years back will see/remember a lot of these spires were in better nick than this before, I've seen pikies climbing thru the roofs before to access the lead/slates, but was too foggy to get a usable picture of them :banghead


The piping strips are made from solid slate! :eek: When they fall they must be like spears! they weigh approx 1kg per foot! or more! expensive to make, and there WERE thousands of them, now a lot lye smashed around the buildings :tumbleweed


crossroads destroyed


here you can see how bad the admin spires are now, imagine the loon that climbed up there for a fivers worth of lead, sodding twats, hope one of them fell.



and that was that!!

ON the way out, was getting some more externals, and some mist had layn down behind the morg (tried to get a pan, but computer says no :rolleyes:).
Walked slowly up the path, a few minutes later could hear what sounded like dogs running toward me (just seen a guy walking about 6 of them), was 3 police officers, very out of breath, then radios and the riot van on the road opposite, stopped and turned round, he saw my cam and radio'd it in. Nice fellas/lady, 30sec's later on our way. Shame they wasted their trip and I hope they do take up leeds like ours in future and hopefully capture some dirty thieving pikies :thumb