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Report - - Chester Lead Shot Tower - Feb 09 | High Stuff |

Report - Chester Lead Shot Tower - Feb 09

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So, I get a phone call the night before, asking me to take a fridge to chester. Seeing as me dad's just had a lung out, so can't do it himself really, I say yeah, and work out what's worth doing.

Started off here.

No doubt you all know exactly how bad the stairs are in this place. Well, they aren't.

They aren't exactly going to win prizes for beauty, or any H&S certificates, but all in, they're fine, and will be for many years yet. Apart from the bits that look like they've had a great weight dropped on them, and the bit that O2 cut out to stick the cables in for their transmitters. lol.


Had a little wander round the site first, it appears that they are putting apartments in the surrounding buildings. They've not got that far into it yet though.



The amount of pigeons and associated crap in here is by far the worst I've ever encountered.

Pictures just can't convey exactly how bad it was, I didn't even get the caera out for the first level, and only got it out when I reached the top floor to prove i had been there.


So, up onto the roof and a sit down, covered in wet pigeon crap to catch my breath and stop my eyes watering.

There's the name board, which people have scratched their names into the lead, I didn't feel like it though, might take some chalk up another time.


The horrendously bad vertical shot (iso 1600)

And the pano of Chester.

Not much to point out in it really, it's quite a flat place, although after wandering round all day, making notes, I think I'll be spending a lot more time there in the future :D


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Re: Chester Lead Shot Tower -REPORT - Feb 09

Mind if i add mine too? i visited before i came up to do the cinema last week. I know what you mean about the stairs but they still scared the shit out of me! A real dont look down moment yet you have to look down to stop you stepping on a rusty step!






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Re: Chester Lead Shot Tower -REPORT - Feb 09

Went back last night, took over and sam, so adding a couple more shots.

Borrowed Spark's wangle, and I don't think I'm giving it back :s



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