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Report - Chester Military Bunker, March 2012


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This has been done before, admittedly better than this, but I went and had a good look around this week.

The site's history is covered in other reports - please see http://www.28dayslater.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=69474&highlight=chester+bunker, however I've spoken to a couple of people about the site and I'm pretty sure that there is more to be seen... once I've got a bit more info I'm planning on going back and seeing if the rumours are true!

The place is in, generally, good condition - but the constant trickle of water has taken its toll in places. There are a couple of collapsed areas, but most seem to be because either the corrugated sheet roofing has given way or timber has rotted through... the concrete and steelwork is fairly sound.


The site is a network of 4 main tunnels, with interconnecting 'rooms' in between.


The tunnels were originally clad, and there is still evidence of timber framing in various places, along with a couple of doors.


There are a several places with what look like guides for some sort of bell wire attached near the ceiling, as well as other clamps which must have been for piping of some description.



A manhole cover is well sealed within the grounds above, but still in good condition so I had to climb up and try...


Random 'camping toilet' - not quite sure when it was added, but I can't believe the local tramps haven't moved in here!


On my way out, this rusty light somehow reminded me of a sunken submarine or something...


A great place to have a look around - and I can't believe I didn't know about this place having lived locally all my life!



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