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Report - Chiltern Wing, Sutton Hospital. Jan 17


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This has been done to death I know, but its been a while since I've done a report so I thought I'd start again with what was a good explore.

This place has been on my "to-do" list for a while now, so when an opportunity to meet up with @anonurbex came up I jumped at the chance.

Sutton Hospital was a large facility most of which has now either fallen derelict or been demolished.
I had previously been in the older 3 buildings but the Chiltern Wing just never happened for some reason.

The explore was a simple walk in and we were in there a good 4 hours covering the place at our leisure. Most of the Wing has fallen into disrepair and vandalized beyond recognition.

Anyway, onto the pics.

Cheers for looking. I will definitely get some more reports up soon


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Have you fallen victim to the usual "put the wrong year down on a form" type of thing

trashed but still worth a look mate


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This one's not too far from me, have been here 5ish times over a couple of years. Never seen any trace of security or met anyone whilst in there, personally.
But it is getting noticeably progressively more trashed unfortunately, but it definitely isn't getting more securitized - in fact the ground floor bay window in Fox Ward that got smashed in has not been there for long at all. Would strongly recommend to visit before the trashing gets out of hand though, even between September and December 17 a lot of the classic blue NHS signs for wards and directions have been torn off by yobs.


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Hi I'm new to this website, I'm 20 years old and in the hampshire area.
I was wondering if I could join your next explore?