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Report - Chisel Ma Nizzle, Manchester - May 2011.


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Chisel Ma Nizzle Sewer, Manchester


Yes it's another of Manchester's festering sewers, this one was no exception

First discovered by Stepping Lightly and aptly named by Sneaky boy back in the day, this place had been on the 'to-do list' for a while now

The drain, a sewer overflow primarily which outfalls into the River Irwell

Located 30ft underground and intercepting the main trunk under Deansgate, the overflow continues up towards Market St. except it has been bricked with a smaller clay pipe passing through and walking any further was impossible

Access as via a short abseil down the river bank, but be warned it's full of shite, literally and prob not worth the effort!

Once down the oval brick pipe is a sizeable 1.8M, but seemed to be outputting fresh straight into the Irwell :confused


It hadn't been raining and as I continued up the pipe there was raw sewage, thats right poop and bog roll floating down and lots of it, now correct me if I'm wrong but surely that is illegal - in the sense that raw sewer should only enter a water course when the drains flood :popcorn

With a leaky wellie I had no choice but to embrace the shite, the drain itself was pretty cool, despite it's grim contents

The turds were streaming down this smaller sewer and down the overflow



Further up, another chamber with some small penstock controls



As we neared the bricked-up section approx 240ft from the Outfall, the air quality was poor, I only grabbed a few shots before GTFO as I didn't fancy being stuck in here


Once out we headed over to Cathedral Gardens to wash the turds off our wellies & waterproofs...

@£500,000 it had to be put to some use :D