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Report - Chisworth Dye Works / E.P Bray Sons

Davo Smith

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Second time out having an explore so thought i'd try and make a decent enough job of it to post up and start getting involved. Hopefully someone out here is interested in having a nosey.

First time out I explored Hawshead Mill in Glossop (I'll revisit my pics and post about that when I get chance). Me and a pal managed to get some real good shots in there not too many months before it was demolished, which was fantastic, and thats been my only time out, so decided to stay a little bit more local to Glossop again, especially seen as this was an evening job short on time.

We got to Chisworth Works not long after 7 so reckoned we had about 2 hours before we had to get back off. Heading down past the yellow gateway I couldn't believe we were greeted by such a hidden away derelict place so close to home to be honest. No-one had posted on here about this place since 2012 or 13 so I was really hoping that it hadn't been demolished and housing built, so was delighted when realised it hadn't. A small row of stone terraces to the left side we're fully boarded up bar one window, but we decided to skip by that in favour of hoping to get some better shots inside the main buildings.

A good mosey round the front and then to the left we were met by a couple of cctv cameras, so we moved right, around the other side of the building to see if there might be any way to get in and have a nosey. Few shots later, we pretty much decided the place was well boarded up, covered in danger signs and no way in as we couldn't seem to fathom how to get right round the back. There was however a half demolished steel stairway to the right side of the building, very ropey looking that was a certain way in, but we weren't sure we fancied the climb up two floors to the open door.

We we're in a sort of limbo to be honest, we wanted in, but hadn't really taken things that far before, having just wandered in to Hawkshead. It was at that point we literally looked and had the same conclusion. If we are gonna be exploring places such as this, its not gonna be a cake walk and some risk will be needed for the reward, so we went for it. The nerves we're great, and after some relatively simple stair climbing, we were up and in.

Great place, not an awful lot left in there, but we had a great night for it with good light cast through windows etc and a nice mood to the place. I really loved the grit and grime. Lovely spread of colour here and there too making for some interesting shots. Not a great deal of character left, but I fully enjoyed the explore. Grimy walls, smashed windows, ferns here and there and a couple of interesting graffiti elements. Even a big old brown owl. Shit us right up in the far room.

Sorry for the long post. After boggling with Photobucket I've added some pics below that I saved from the evening.































Davo Smith

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
I'm guessing the company storing helicopters are no longer using part of the building? I set off a PIR when I went the other year.
No sign of helicopters pal, but someone was certainly using the little section metal fenced to the left of the main building as there were two cctv cameras and a couple of new looking things in the yard. Maybe a farmer using the far right area too as there was a lot of muck/hay piled up...

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