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Report - Chisworth Works/E.P Bray & Co - Glossop Oct-2010


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Been looking on the forms for a while and finally decided to have a go at a report.

Went to check out Chisworth Works/E.P Bray & Co, Glossop.

I know its been on here before, but i thought it would be a good first post for myself.

Lots of history:

"Chisworth Works was built at the end of the 18th or in the early 19th centuries as a cotton band manufactory and initially called Higher Mill. There are large round-arched doorways surrounded by large ashlar blocks in the north-east elevation. However, it appears as though the original building was extended twice to the rear, also in stone, as there are lines in the mortarwork and mismatches in the courses on the south-west elevation. Presumably, these extensions took place before 1857 as the building line remains the same on the maps until 1973.

By 1973, the site was used as a dyeing works and there was a large T-shaped extension at the rear which appears to have been added in two stages. The building at the north-eastern end had gone and any gardens in front of the cottages had been covered over for the yard. The only change ten years later was the construction of a square loading ramp at the front. The outline today is the same as it was in 1984."

Apparently the company started "winding-up" in 2006 and was dissolved/liquidised and closed in September that year.

Building Info:

The Main building itself its split into a few sections;

A large open area for the manufacture of the dyes which spans the entire height and width of the building with little to no items of interest, but plenty of ironic and colourful pigment stains all over the place.

Offices, which have some strange layouts, dead pigeons and abundance of tea & coffee making facilities..

Laboratories, several rooms which kind of remind me of the science labs in school, except without the discipline, and the education.

The building also has some other areas, like a strange boiler room, with a boiler... Which is massive. And a cat lives in there (which scared the shite out of me).

Then there's the cottages, looking on older posts about this place, no one has been in them (when I wrote this), but the state of the cottages has deterred slightly since the last report (malicious youths/copper thieves?) which helped us grant access. Rest assured, the interior of the cottages have only been slightly affected.


As with most of my explorations, the visit took place at night...

Walking upto the building, there's a security cabin looking thing. Looks
like no one has used it for a good while..

Also, the digger thingy is still there, and there was also a bike chained
upto the shelter...


We started at the back of the building into the big open dye manufacturing area.


Most of the floor and walls are covered in different colour pigments,


Walking into the offices/labs, greeted with the "torture chambers", (1st floor).



Just to the right of that, a room with nothing but a lonesome chair, leading into a weird access
bit to the right..


Downstairs lab-looking bit.


Fire extinguishers, displeased with our unannounced visit, discuss their
next tactics.


Next the fire extinguishers' meeting room, we were greeted with a bundle of sticks(?)
I really had no idea what was going on here, starting to get the spooks...

up the stairs next to the stick bale, into the labs (2nd floor)




Glad to see that some of the bottles are in the same place as previous


Twice a day!


view from the lab

Now into the offices, and things start getting ugly.


Few signs of heroin abuse dotted around, also we found a few knives hidden above lighting fixtures.


Clean Area


washrooms in the "clean Area",



and for balance, Dirty Area.


Clock-in box.

Into the attic.


I wasn't exactly happy about going up here, quite grim, hidden rooms and loose floorboards which is usually great, but seeing a dirty spoon and a dead pigeon within the same vicinity challenges the confidence.


"Big Brother is watching you" "I Love Maggie Thatcher". If this wasn't done in the Thatcher era then someone has some serious separation anxiety.

Sadly i didn't take many photos of the attic, and there's some good stuff up there too. One thing i saw was a strange birdcage looking thing with a broken glass sphere inside, odd..

Down the ladder and back down the stairs to the ground floor.


The air quality was abit harsh here, not much to see on the ground anyways.

Outside, part of the original mill? big arch with lots of junk inside..

To the left of this is the boiler room. With the boiler being so big and having such little room to take photos with a not-wide-enough lens, i couldn't get a good photo...

Right, the cottages..


Only went in one of the houses, but there deceivingly big. The house still had the "smell" of a home. Almost like the owners were still there. Apparently the best word to describe it would be, that it was "palpable". New word for you all right there.. (condescending smiley)


Inside the first cottage. Each one is quite big, with the capacity of 2-4 families living in one house.


Most things of value look like they have been taken when the residents moved out. Anything replaceable was left, random things like shower gel and shampoo in the shower still sitting on the soap rack..


Decor is very 70s/80s/awful, even though there was phone books from only last year.. Some people have no style..

There was also lots of mail behind the front door, some reason forgot to take a photo of this.. Personally, I didn't read his mail, but it was evident that the previous owners haven't been paying their water bill.

Down to the cellar.

Not much in the way of headroom.. Old sandstone table to the left of the shot. and, for some reason, an air freshener.....

Out of the cellar and up the stairs to the upstairs kitchen.



Microwave looks alright..

The cottages are in a good condition, but at certain angles the hallways look wonky and walls look slanted. I think this is a case of bad design rather then subsidence. Only hazard is at the top of the stairs where it looks like the floor has been ripped up and radiators lying around. Maybe copper thieves? There's dubious piece of small copper piping resting on a heater in one of the rooms that support my suspicions...

The place is a great explore. And its worth going in the cottage to see the kitchen that looks like is been frozen from 1975. Just worried that the cottage we went in may suffer in the future if someone with malicious intent does find there way in.

But with it being quite secluded, in a pretty nice area, hopefully this place will remain intact and worth its exploration credibility.


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