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Report - Christmas Common Radio Relay Site - Oxfordshire- November - 2014


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This climb has been on my to-do list for a while and with a saturday off work myslef and fellow 28dl member Zombiefart decided to take a shortish drive to the county of Oxfordshire for a midday climb.

After arriving at the site under the cover of fog we quickly located our point of entry and started our accent up the tower, after 15 minutes or so of climbing with a few rests in between we had reached the summit.

I apologise in advance for the quality of the photos due to the poor weather conditions, makes for an exciting climb but not so good photos, definatly worth a re-visit on a sunny day :cool

A bit of copy and pasted history (sorry)

Christmas Common is a US Air Force microwave relay station in the 'Digital European Backbone' network, which linked the EUCOM war headquarters at High Wycombe, Bucks (Daws Hill)to the Upper Heyford F-111 base. In 1990, $210,000 was allocated in the US Defense budget tot provide heavy security precautions at the site. The second site in the area - a short distance along the road - was among other things a microwave relay station used by the Civil Aviation Authority to relay radar to the air traffic control centre at West Drayton.
On with the pictures





Thanks for looking :thumb

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Thanks for the feedback, yeh weather was really not great and wind didn't help, took a few more shots from up top but the fog makes them look really low quality so didn't bother posting, will deff have to pay a revisit :D

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