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Report - Chubb Fire and Security Systems - Sheffield, February/March 2019


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Chubb Fire and Security Systems

I believe this is the first report to document this site as far as I'm aware, unfortunately I don't have much history on the place as it's not readily available despite my research attempts. On first glance this site didn't look like it had much to offer, but we decided to proceed inwards anyway it was at this point where we started uncovering the first clues as to what this place was. There are a vast amount of documents scattered around the whole building, all of which have some sort of 'Chubb' logo on them, we also found a notice board with a company headed piece of paper alongside the address of the building which made the link. Now knowing who the building belonged to we searched the documents for dates, the oldest which we found was 1997 and the newest was from 2002/3 so that told us the operation dates. We now needed one more piece to the puzzle which was, why did this place shut down?, the answer to which was just around the corner. At least half of the upper floor had been very badly fire damaged (ironically) which didn't look to be at all recent leading us to believe it was the reason for closure. In summary, this place looks to be a sort of warehouse/distribution hub for Chubb Fire and Security systems that covered Sheffield and surrounding areas during 1997-2002/3, and a fire was what lead this place to closure. The company still has a base in Sheffield, which makes the relocation because of the fire even more likely.
Company Link for those who want to know more about the company: https://www.chubbfiresecurity.com/en/uk/about/
Here are some photos from our explore, hope you enjoy!
(Please excuse the quality on some of the photos as the file size was too large to upload the full quality versions)













Interesting finds

Sticker on the door above shows '14-25 July 1991' which could change the operational dates.


Very interesting pack, looks like Chubb looked after the alarms or fire systems at HMP Hull at one point.


Throwback to Windows 95! Complete with disk and floppy disk (23 in total) install pack!

The Fire Damage
The fire damaged half of the building seems to have been similar to the other half, the fact that there is scaffolding makes me think they might have planned to remodel it at one point.


We hope you enjoyed our find as much as we did, the photos above are the main highlights we have many more which will be shared over the coming weeks on our instagram page @Sheff_Urbex
If you would like to see the full quality versions let me know and I'll post a link for people to view!

Thanks for viewing, take care and keep on exploring!


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Love the Windows 95 floppies, a bygone era. Shame their own systems for fire and Security didn't work, very ironical

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