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Report - Church Street School Swimming Pool, Glasgow - April 2018


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This former school swimming pool was built in 1904 and abandoned in 1997. I happened upon it randomly and had a hunch that there might be a swimming pool inside but didn't expect much given the state of the exterior. Well, it turned out to be pretty decent inside. Clearly nobody has been inside here for a very long time. The pigeons have set up shop and went absolutely bonkers when they saw me. They've really done a number on the place, or should I say a number two? It's pretty minging to be honest but at least there's no shitty graffiti or vandalism. This was a night visit so I had to light paint all my shots. I didn't do too badly considering but it would be cool to see it in daylight. Hopefully someone else will have a look soon.

This long curtain covered spectator seating for some reason

The floor up here was well dodgy, you can just about see some holes on the left of shot

Cheers for looking

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Lovely looking building and good effort on the photos, very nice with the light painting :thumb

Baggy trousers

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Another cracker that is! I remember seeing this on the telly box recently, was some sort of documentary about the locals, wondered when it would turn up on here! Great report chap.

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