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Report - Chwarel wynne slate mine, llangollen. September 2013.


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Visited with The Kwan, MSP, and Ellis.. Thanks for a good day out :thumb

Chwarel Wynne slate mine was worked up until 1928 and then sat dormant for many years then in 1978, the Wynne Quarry site was bought with a view to opening the quarry site and grounds to the public as a tourist attraction, along the lines of the successful ventures elsewhere in North Wales. The work involved was considerable.The Underground Workings had to be inspected, the most suitable for the public decided upon and made safe. Lighting had to be installed, pathways and secure steps constructed, the approval of the Department of Health and Safety obtained and a thousand and one other things done before “The Lost Caverns of Chwarel Wynneâ€￾ opened to the public for the first time. It appears that the Mine closed its doors to the public around 1996.

We had fun that day, it was cool to see a few props still left from the tourist day's, also it was surprising to find the mine was much bigger than we thought, only a small section of it was open to the public, this was obvious due to parts of it having no sign of ever having any lighting..

Tea shop/gift shop, Nothing left inside worth looking at!

A mine cart just left to rot.

MSP Looking very smart:D

These were in a big shed on the grounds #RETRO

Once inside the view back out was lovely.

Another little building from the tourist day's.

One of many submerged parts, clear water, just stunning to see!

Not sure why this mannequin had a rope round his neck? but again really nice to see.


MSP and Ellis.

And finally a bit of light painting.

Thanks for looking Telf..