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Lead or Rumour info - Cigarette factory to close, Nottingham

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I bet it be as tight as my bosses wallet to get in there but it some explore.


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28DL Full Member
Why dont you go take a look?
Sorry for the typical noob question georgie! It's just a little bit far for me, being given a hint whether someone else has had any success would usually let me know if the long journey is worthwhile! ;)


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28DL Full Member
I went past the factory that is set to close and it looked active still.

Imperial also has factories in Nottingham next to Jubilee Campus. They're tall and not very pretty. I wonder if they will close these as well. If they do, they won't be standing for long as the University will be eyeing them up to expand their campus, and if they buy them, they'll knock 'em down.


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Yeah back up north but back done in the midlands every couple of months, if im about when it closes im game !