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Hi there,

I'm designer at the National Theatre, and am looking for very specific interior/exterior images of fairly run down cinemas, both interior and exterior, for a new show that will be opening early next year about the decline of 35mm film in cinemas.

I'm on the look out for images primarily (high resolution) that we may be able to buy the rights to. When I say fairly run down, I mean that it (the cinema) could still conceivably be in operation. It's the 80s aesthetic I'm particularly after for the interiors (think polystyrene ceiling tiles) rather than any deco flourishes.

On the exterior I'm looking for that classic American cinema marquee style, with black letters stuck on to white board.

I've attached some images to give the jist.

Please get in touch if you think you have those images, or would like a bit more info. If the images are good, and high resolution enough we'll be willing to pay for their use, but can provide more info about this if interested.

Thanks in advance,




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That first image you've attached is the ABC cinema in Maidstone (may even be my pic?) I could probably go back and take some nice ones of that for you if that meets your requirements.

Off the top of my head others that may fit the bill include images of the Dreamland cinema in Margate which was modernised in the 70's and the Harlow Odeon cinema maybe.

But as others have said, @Speed will be the guy to talk to, he went on a mission to document cinemas and theatres a few years ago and probably has the sort of photos you are after.
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