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28DL Full Member
Not sure if it was a theatre in a past life but I was in Chorley and noticed the former Buzz bingo that the council are redeveloping has some potential access through the front that the builders are ripping off if you don’t mind a climb. Not sure if it’s got any security on as it would be a night explore I think, definitely fences wouldn’t be a problem
It was a old Odeon back in the day There is pictures of its projector room and other areas that were closed off to the public for years Projector room was other than empty untouched from its cinema days it even had a old style dimmer rack in it Was rather tidy as Gala had made sure it was sealed from bird infestation over the time it had leased the place Sad to see it go but Chorley council have been waiting years for a excuse to get rid of this place and the virus just helped it along I hear the building had no heating by the time it shut as the boiler had been busted a good few years

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