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Report - Citadel Short Casemates & Gun Rooms, Dover. January 2020

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After searching for a report on this particular section of Dovers mighty Citadel I couldn't find one. So, humble apologies if there are already millions in place and I've demonstrated just how much of a turd I am by not finding them!!

Many explorers have enjoyed experiencing the north and south casemates, and that tight as a eskimos nadsack of a pipe! But I now take you to a more undisturbed portion of the complex. I first came close to seeing these casemates when out and about for a stroll with the misses. Unfortunately this ended rather abruptly with her, understandably, cautioning me to climb back down, stop being a turd, and not to get into a fight with razor wire!!! With the start of the new year it was time to go back, this time with a fellow explorer and my trusty telescopic ladder. Our intention was to visit the short casemates and whilst in the location we also checked out the rumour of another section now being accessible (the gun rooms). After a brief climb up, a few slips into brambles, catching, cutting and ripping clothing and kit on razor wire we were in. A short walk down into a very overgrown court yard and we were inside the short casemates. Nothing particularly impressive, but was great to see them. The 2nd casemate had an accessible stair case which in turn lead down to a t-junction leading to stairs at either end. My favourite element was when we found a concrete spiral staircase (similar to Guildford Shaft). Finding the top of the stairs sealed off we made our way back out to fight anew with razor wire and brambles. Feeling pretty good to have explored a new location we then headed over to the gun rooms (couldn't find any information on these bits so again accept my apologies if these are better known as something else). Entry to the gun rooms was much easier and no razor wire in sight. What a gem of a location. Wonderful original signage and a tunnel leading to a Sally port which overlooks the Officers Mess. After checking out all the little bits of old graffiti, etc., we headed out happy as a larry. Unfortunately a few days ago my pal told me that some festering turd had gone in and ripped the original signage off the wall. WTF!! Once again showing that there are many different levels of explorer in this game, some of which deserve a good kick in the mary!!!

History on the Casemates:
Within the demi-bastion at the western end of the Tennaile (not putting which end of the complex folks) there are 2 gun rooms known as Short Casemates. These accessible from the ditch level and contemporary with the tenaille; completed by 1810. Originally serving as barracks with an adjacent cook house. They were the first Casemates to be completed in the Citadel, by December 1808. The 1858 interim report on the Citadel noted that the barracks were empty but could accommodate 21 men in each room. By 1897, the barracks formed a makeshift Sgets Mess, with a adjoining Mess kitchen in the former cook house. However, in 1899 the Mess moved into purpose built accommodation within the Citadel and at this point, a proposal to re-apprropriate the Casemates barracks for 18 men apiece was entertained, but quickly withdrawn. By 1991 the whole complex was disused as it had been, in all probability, since 1899.

The group is faced in grey stock brick laidin English bond, with the two barracks recessed obliquely beneath segmental arches of a more reddish brick. Their front walls have partially collapsed but sufficient remains to show that each followed a common pattern, with a central doorway flanked by windows, and a further window, the segmental heads of which remain, over the doorway.

Well, that's all folks

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Urban Ginger Hog

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Nice report on two of the rarest Dover fortifications I’ve seen. It’s a shame someone stole signs from the Upper South Lines Casemates though:(
Unfortunately this hobby has way too many turds in it who clearly don't give a monkies. Such a shame
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Nice Photoshoot ,

I only ever done one side of case mate due to not liking the pipe !

Iv seen that " bucket" sign on Instagram in the past from other explores but was told the underground bits was sealed back up up ( this a few years ago )

Nice report thou mate

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Nice shots there. Oh the old telescopic is a godsend. Id love to do these but sadly I cant carry a ladder and my kit. Good job on these :thumb

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