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Report - City Temple - Kingston upon Hull - December 2012


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New year in Hull brought us back to this place. We wernt really there to explore and the lack of a tripod on the day means a lack of decent pictures to post now but i feel i should post something simply to show the chapel as this was missing from the other report recently! (If you need a hint you know where i am! :laugh)

geograph said:
the former Primitive Methodist Chapel at the junction of Madeley Street and Hessle Road, Hull. Designed by William Freeman in white brick with stone dressings and built in 1880-81 at a cost of £8,200 it was the most costly Primitive chapel in the city. It closed in 1933 and was taken over in 1934 by the Elim Pentecostal Church who renamed it the City Temple, then closed again in 1984 when the City Temple moved to Princes Avenue.
Overall the place was ok, lots of props and scenery left over from the theatre group who had used the old sunday school building to the rear of the chapel. The chapel itself is not much ore than a pile of rotting wood!








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