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Report - Clarghyll Colliery, Alston - August 2012


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Hi all,

First report posting on here, took a while thanks to computer issues but all up and running now =o)

Myself and my friend went for a drive up towards Hartside Pass and stopped at various places along the way. We spotted Clarghyll Colliery from the road and found our way down to it. It's probably been done on here before as it looked like it has been abandoned since 2001 if the calendar on the office wall was anything to go by. The little office was still crammed full of invoices and paperwork and office junk, found it really interesting. I was amazed how much was still there given that it's been empty for 11 years! There was a caravan just down the road with a new car outside of it so I was worried they might be watching the site but not a soul stopped us =o)

A smidge of history:

This mine was opened around 1936 and worked in the Carboniferous Upper Limestone Group - Little Limestone seam (avg of 17" high).
from 1968 the mine was owned and managed by J.G.E Williams as the Clarghyll Colliery Co. In the late 80's it employed 14 underground and 5 on surface. The mine was last worked by W Thompson and K Carrick, and was operational in 1999 when it was said there were still 25-30 years reserves, the mine is thought to have closed around 2000.

And some photos:










We also found a random little abandoned tractor by the side of the road...



More pictures here

On the same drive we also found a little abandoned church (no idea where we were at the time!) but it was completely sealed up, and the abandoned farm in Wylam but there wasn't much there. My friend managed to climb into the farm house to have a look around but weak little me couldn't manage it, apparently there was nothing to see anyway! :)