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Report - Clariant Chemicals, Horsforth, May 2012


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Firstly, Mods: Thank You for upgrading me from a new member although I think given the picture quality in this one I may be seeing you all in the bin :)

History taken from Ojay's report (hope you dont mind mate)

The site in Leeds/Horsforth was a designated Textile, Leather and Paper site, although products from other businesses were manufactured there

Formed in 1995 as a spin off from the chemical company Sandoz

It was the main driver for the research, development, production and marketing of Optical Brightening Agents (OBAs, FWAs) world-wide

The site finally closed down in 2008, resulting in the loss of 270 jobs

Harrow Estates have since accquired the entire area (32 acres) as part of a compulsary purchse. This includes the nearby Colourflex Dyeworks and Riverside Mills

A very quick decision to make the most of the sunny weather saw Me and GMan rock up at Clariant with no real reccy done at all and woefully unprepared 1 torch and an iPhone between us but we were here and now was the time.

After picking our spot carefully (about 100 yards up from security office) we jumped the fence and we were in :)

We walked round almost all of the site not bothering dodging cameras trying every door we came across(couple of open sheds/garages but nothing in there at all) but alas no luck until we noticed a cheeky window and we were in!

Unfortunately the pics below are the best of a rotten bunch so I'm happy to receive critiscism but on with the pics

The office block to the north east corner of the site, unfortunately no access to be had here, there was a second where I thought we were in but it turned out to be a little store room type affair.

A report isn't a report unless there is a random chair kicking about, well I got many :)

This is the room at the base of the chimney, very easy access if you just open your eyes

Next up we got into one of the office/lab buildings

Some storage tanks in the basement

The above 3 floors are split between lab space and office space (most of my pics of these areas were just dismal, so much so I'm not willing to put them up. trust me its for the best)




We also found the stairs to the roof which was a nice bonus (kicking myself I didnt take advantage and get more pics up here)



The last building we accessed was the cafeteria, I remembered seeing a pic on another report of this of someone barring the door with an old broom so as soon as i saw that I knew we were in



And finally climbing on your roofs


If anyone wants to see some shaky handheld filmed bit of this site I've linked my youtube account below (They are a bit shit though so don't get your hopes up)


Thanks for looking, always happy to here critiscism (as long as its not wheres the camera lol I've explained that further up)
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