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Report - Claughton Centre Dudley April 21st 2019


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Any history on this one?
This is from @slayaaaa's report

Built in 1904, this Edwardian school building was first called Dudley Upper Standards School until 1957 when it was named after the Dudley town mayor, Sir Gilbert Claughton. It was closed in 1990 when local schools were merged, from this point on wards it was used as council offices, youth centre, and community meeting/conference use and was granted a new extension in 1993 of sports facilities and class rooms. It was then closed and has been since at least 2 years ago, quite when it finally closed I can't find out.

"The Claughton Centre is a 1904 Edwardian school building of architectural merit, built to designs of Barrowcliff and Allcock, a Loughborough firm with several listed buildings to their name (including the fine Carnegie Library in Loughborough). It is built of red brick with buff terracotta detailing, in the Jacobean style, and is an attractive building worthy of retention and re-use." - Britain's Heritage in response to plans to demolish it for housing.


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Not a bad, modest set of photos. I quite like the muted colours.
But the video does nothing to compliment your photos IMO. Any why at 240p?

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