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Report - Clayton Hospital - Wakefield - Aug '15

Mr Sam

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The site on Northgate, has been boarded up since Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust moved services out of the building 2012.
In January 2014 200 people turned up to a ghost hunt at the 19th century site, on Northgate, after rumours it was haunted circulated on social media.
Police made four arrests and warned that the site was not safe and there was been constant vandalism at the site.
At the time, Insp Ian Williams said: “We have found used needles and evidence that fires have been lit there.”

This was by far the most worse for wear derp we had seen in a long time. I was the only one to even bother getting a camera out hardly warrants a report more of just a pointer to others that its really not worth going out your way for and certainly don't go it alone! #GrimUpNorth










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I saw this back in Jan 2014 and it looked fucked then but now its totally wrecked!

Still you managed to get some decent shots. Liking the reflections.

I take it you liked Sheards stickers???


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Cool shots mate to say how fucked the place is, should of done the morgue!!


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I like the reflection shots :)

You've made the place look good

Joann Targett

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We have come across a photo album and there is a picture of the clayton hospital in wakefield and many other photos of people. Is there someplace that we can post to see if they can be identified?