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Report - Clayton Hospital, Wakefield - July 2014


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Visited with ACID-REFLUX & Ferox thanks guys this was ace :thumb and got to see my first morgue :D
Included the morgue pics in this rather than do 2 separate reports since there's quite a few of the place gone up now. Thanks for the tour acid you must be sick of the place by now. Saw the morgue first & Paul 2129 joined us for that briefly but couldn't stay too long. Didn't realise that the morgue was going to be a separate building, after that we ventured into the hospital. It was pretty trashed but still enjoyed the mooch & didn't fully explore all of it. Definitely got the feeling that someone is living in there, empty bottles & cans everywhere and evidence of drug use. As we were on our way out we heard someone walking on broken glass, it turned out to be an unsavory looking European chap who asked us the way out (luckily acid & ferox knew) and walked past us. Left after that but were on our way out anyway.


Clayton Hospital is named after former mayor Thomas Clayton who donated buildings to the Wakefield General Dispensary, an organisation set up to provide healthcare for the poor, in 1854. It provided healthcare for the city long before the NHS was formed. In 1863 Mayor Clayton financed an expansion and the institution was re-named 'The Clayton Hospital and Wakefield General Dispensary'. Two further wings were added in 1900 and 1932. It closed in 2012 and services were moved into more modern facilities which were better for patients.
Brian Dudding, head of estates at Mid Yorkshire, said “We recognise that Clayton Hospital has been a prominent feature in Wakefield since the late 19th century. Many local people will have memories of being treated there and many staff, past and present will fondly remember working there. We move forward while recognising the part that Clayton has played for over a hundred years.â€￾
Earlier this year a group of 200 youths turned up to go 'ghost hunting' after seeing some videos online or something, a quote from the local paper "Overwhelmed security guards at Clayton Hospital called the police when the ghost hunters turned up on Saturday night and managed to get into the grounds of the 19th century building.
Insp Richard Clare, of the Central and Rural neighbourhood police teams, said: 'Whether it is haunted or not, it is a dangerous site and members of the public should not enter it for any reason.'" :rolleyes:

the morgue





the hospital








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That tray is a poor substitute for a slab :)

It is not bad for a mooch all the same...


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Nice ones mate :thumb

Getting the hang of that camera now :)

Didn't see those dodgy looking blokes lol

The tray looks like it's been in position years looking at the algae growth and putrid water etc that has escaped the confines of said tray

If it had a slab it's have been trashed by now anyway :(


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Thanks guys, yeah seem to be getting the hang of the camera was even messing about with settings the other day instead of just using auto all the time :)


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I'd love to make one in if you chaps are heading up there again anytime soon...not done any before but fancy a crack...I'm after some cool locations for photo shoots too so always up for a bit of scouting