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Report - Clayton Hospital - West Yorkshire | 01/15


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No history this time guys, trying a different style, if you want the old history reports back just say the word!

After the incredibly creepy experience that was the underground tunnel system the last thing we wanted to run into was a homeless man the second we reached the top of the stairs, especially one who said he was looking for his friends THAT LIVED THERE. We brushed it off and went on without taking him too seriously but decided that the best idea would be to keep the DSLRs in their bags and venture on with just the GoPros. No less than 5 minutes later he comes storming around a dimly lit corner having acquired a torch and brown paper bag since our last encounter, and he seemed in a less than friendly mood this time around! That's when things got tense.

Getting into the hospital grounds was relatively easy, though the actual entrance into the building was pretty sketchy, with sharp glass and vandal grease in abundance. Once inside the hospital we realised just how dire of a state it was in thanks to this easy point of access, there was excessive damage everywhere you looked and the removal of equipment, wire & original fittings was obvious, but somehow the building still felt like a hospital that could have been tending to the every need of patients no more than a week ago.

The atmosphere was incredible, though probably intensified by our encounter with the not so unknown! Boarded windows lined the corridors and had caused the majority of the building to descend into darkness, it's safe to say it felt like we were adventuring through the tunnels of a rabbit warren which made it difficult to ensure we explored everything!

Thanks to the network of service tunnels lying underneath the hospital in combination with the overhanging pipes/wiring throughout I think we spent at least a good 50% of the explore crouched in an attempt to avoid contact with them. Because of the access point we used the hospital as we knew it consisted of narrow corridors that led into narrow corridors that shot off into more narrow corridors, you get the picture! But eventually this layout gives way to a huge open corridor, of a similar look the the asylum that we explored a few weeks earlier. There were numerous rooms shooting off from this corridor, mainly old wards with bedside lamps attached to the walls and curtain rails falling off.

It's more of the same old upstairs, with old wards, staff rooms and administration offices. There were signs of life upstairs, with freshly opened packets of food and sleeping bags throughout. I'm definitely glad to say we were fortunate enough to avoid coming across any more of the occupants of these make shift beds but there were plenty of coughs/bangs throughout the visit that weren't caused by any of the team.

Having run into the homeless man earlier in the explore we were on edge throughout, but this in combination with the coughs/bangs pushed us over the edge and we made a group decision that we had gotten all the footage we needed and made our way back to the point of access.

Although we didn't manage to get any high resolution images we did make another video that is best experienced in the dark with headphones!









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West Yorkshire is a little vague, don't you think? How will everyone else be able to go to this epic find of yours, if you don't tell them where it is?
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With a quick google search of the name, not exactly like we gave it a code name (And it's been done many a time before)! But thanks anyway I guess.


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I agree, don't share the locations... I don't know where it is, I'm a newb on here and have to figure out everything for myself... and that's just the way I like it... for one, I feel better when I come across something great, and secondly and most importantly not every Tom, Dick and Harry are going to visit the place and get what little access there is to most of these places shut off.

One thing I will say though, don't know why you were scared of a homeless man when there is 4 of you? :gay lol
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The fact that I had a hell of a lot of gear on my person had a pretty big affect on our overall attitude to the news of homeless people living there but in hindsight it was a little daft!


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2 Polish blokes that live in there are harmless, sound like a bunch of pussy's ;)!
i thought the polish dude was spot on... he helped me find an easier way out, when i couldnt quite manage to get back out the way i went in.

the thing with clayton was for me, like a lot of places - looks like it could be fab from outside ,but dire inside... but you dont know until you go :)

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