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Lead or Rumour info - Clayton Hospital woof


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So after doing another site in the area which you'll see when I get it all done and dandy, I decided to have a look at Clayton although before you say so, (((((yorrick))))) I know it is trash inside - the outside is awesome and I wanted to get a shot of it without trees in the way. I saw a gap in the fence and was about to head through when I friend said he thought he's seen some movement behind a bush, so I walked round a bit more and...

Hallo doggy! As far as I know there hasn't been any of them here yet, but it seems there is now. He was happily bounding around and didn't seem to be trained very well and he looked as if he wanted someone to play with..

Anyway, just popping this on here to let anyone know if wants to attempt it. That middle courtyard is definitely off guards as it's bare and a dog playground now :)

Thanks for reading :)


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Haha! Yeah I assumed you’d misspelt roof too. It’s funny how easy it used to be to get in here in 2014 compared to now. The morgue was the best bit tho, it was so trashed almost immediately after it closed it seemed. Was still worth a wander tho.