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Report - Clean Slate - BE, 14


Germany is the "wurst"
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Underground rewlz.

We'd tried to get into this place in 2012, deterred only by the fact that it appeared to have been turned into a massive bat sanctuary.

Bats are awesome, and I'm not about to go bumblefucking around their bedroom. Also, Batman.


So, my dear associate Störfaktor and I decided to hit this bitch again, in lieu of finally getting into the blast furnace at HF6 that my more-than-capable associate Mr. Stenson and accomplices recently raided. Don't you worry, its on the list. Mmh, rust, precious rust.

This little hole in the ground turned out to be a massive underground slate quarry, driven down into a hillside of the Belgian Ardennes at something like a 45° angle and slathered with liquid soap. Prepared as always, we had consciously decided not only to bring ALL THE TOYS, but also boots without any noticeable trace of profile on them. Nothing like gearing up for a round of 'sploring in the halls of the mountain king!

Somehow we managed to make our way around the bat dormitory - "somehow" in this case translates to a lot of explosives that were, at some point, used to collapse the connection between all the rusty goodness and the bats so as to prevent a bunch of noisy idiots from waking the poor little dears.

I have no idea when this was closed, but for many decades, slate was quarried deep in the mountain for the bathrooms and kitchens of decadent fat bastards like you and me throughout Europe. Some kind souls were good enough to arrange several of the mine carts in aesthetically pleasing poses throughout the place, meaning that we didn't have to complement our little mud-luge session with any sweaty underground railroad decorating marathon.

Here, look, pretty pictures of things in the mountain. I think some of these are of the same stuff, but given that we spent about 6 hours trying different lighting techniques, you may direct any complaints to the management office. I think it's somewhere down at the lower left.







More, as always, at kosmograd dot net.​


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Steady on!


Germany is the "wurst"
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Thank you.

Nah, just been kinda busy with life and Internet pornography and stuff. Oddly enough, during my ~7 months of professional paid downtime I've actually had less time to go do this crap than during my last job. And if things go my way, I may have even more time during my next job starting in June. Whee!

Got some ace tanks on the way, though. Stay tuned for tanks. Did someone say tanks? Tanks R00l!