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Lead or Rumour info - cleaned culvert ripley, derbyshire.


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Just abit of inside info, find anchor supplies in ripley and get kitted with wellies! cross the road and take a walk down "ripley Greenway" they have been kind enough to put a pedstarian crossing! follow the path until you come across a brick sculpture and then go upstream to find the culvert. I have a funny feeling the lights will be left on for you!. pumps will be running but that is normal and there may even be a ladder to gain accesd down to the stream bed, security is onsite for the weekend just to add fun. this weekend only as the pumps will be switched off monday and the culvert allowed to flood preventing access for another 120 years. not massive but very clean. do not climb the ladder at the end as you will end up on camera and right in front of the office. .......................have fun!!!


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Sounds like a trap to me - how do we know Bazel isn't some half crazed, disillusioned, wader salesman hell-bent on twisted revenge.

Sort of 'Friday the 13th' meets 'Screwfix Direct'


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Well as your obviously local why not go for it
I thought by the amount of info I have, you lot would have realised it may be me that leaves the lights on!! just dont go up the ladders at the end. the inlet will have a pump running to keep the stream bed level down and there should be a ladder left to assist entry. no gas issues as the biscuit is removed from the upstream manhole for the tankers etc to gain access. this has caused a good natural ventilation. this culvert has had over 300 tons removed from it and due to a levels mistake by derbyshire council when the pumps are switched off the outlet will flood preventing future access with no easy upstream chmaber for entry. if your really lucky we may leave a tin of biscuits in a wheel barrow at the upstream end, along with an honesty box!


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28DL Full Member
Very dissapointed Bazalgette. There were NO BISCUITS!
Just as we were locking up the client came over, it may have been a little dodging taking a tin of biscuits down the shaft. Dont worry they have not gone to waste, yum ,yum .........

Not massive but well built with one repair to the floor which will be done monday, any ideas on age???

plus it is not often someone lights it up for you!!

i will try to keep you all posted on other underground structures that are both intresting and safe to access without all of us getting shot as and when i get to go in them.