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Lead or Rumour info - Clerkenwell Fire Station - London

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REVELATIONS that up to 40 residential flats above Clerkenwell Fire Station have been left empty for as long as 40 years have been described as “scandalousâ€￾ and “shockingâ€￾.

The fire station was controversially closed in January by London Mayor Boris Johnson, along with nine other London stations, in order to cut £28m from the annual budget.

Clerkenwell, a Grade II-listed building, will now be sold to the highest bidder in a closed auction.

On Tuesday, property consultants Dron and Wright threw open the doors to potential buyers. The Tribune went along and discovered the top four floors were purpose-built residential flats but in disuse.

Peeling wallpaper on what was once a children’s nursery on the top floor can be traced to the 1960s, suggesting the rooms have been out of use for as long as 40 years.

Other rooms also had peeling wallpaper, suggesting they had once been lived in.

The three storeys below had been converted into offices, but a Fire Brigades Union spokesman said they had not been used for years. He added that the FBU had suggested selling the top four storeys as a way of generating cash, but the idea fell on deaf ears.

?Scandal? of flats above Clerkenwell fire station left empty for 40 years | Islington Tribune