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Report - Clewborough School Surrey July 2011


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First of all, this is my first report in this forum. I did a fair bit of urbex in small scale locations for my a level photography, and that is where i started to become interested in it. I took a break from it whilst at my first year at uni, and when i came back for the summer i attempted this school that i knew about in the local area.
From the outside it looked very secure, but on the day i went there i happened to run into the men changing the power for all the security devices, as they were leaving. They very kindly took my phone number and gave me a call a couple of weeks later when they needed to change the power over again, and let me in whilst they did their job. :D

This school was separated into 2 sites. One smaller one just down the road which currently is completely leveled and awaiting redevelopment, and the one in this report.

This school was bought by the smaller site and used as a trouble makers school for boys from brixton before it went bust, so ive been told.

Anyway, onto the pics. :D


This was the entrance to the school, and i think the logo has almost a nazi like feel to it. Ive seen similar slogans on gates to prisoner of war camps.


This was one of the art and design classrooms


This was a foyer to one of the buildings which sadly has become a target of arson. There are pictures on google of what it looked like when it was opened, and its extremely shocking to see the difference.


Girls bathrooms.


A beautiful piano i found in what was the gymnasium.


Some of the buildings have been demolished, but the majority stands.


Someone left their bike behind.


Music teachers planner

This was a fantastic explore, and i barely brushed the surface of what was there, but i was on a time limit unfortunately.

Thanks for looking

(I have resized images to the longest side being 800 pixels, but the portrait ones come up large. :/ )
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