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Report - Cliffe Fort - Hunted by Security on Quad Bikes - Dec 2016


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28DL Full Member
So, today was fun! Myself and forum member 13adg3r decided we would take a trip out to Cliffe and check out the ROC post and the Fort. The ROC post had been filled with a large concrete block so we headed to the fort.

Firstly, sorry about the bad photos, didn’t have time to take good ones on account of the events that unfolded. So we found the fort and found a way in. The site had many signs saying “CCTV/Alarms/We will prosecute”. All the usual rubbish so as per usual just ignored them as they are usually for show. Our method of entry took us straight onto the roof which had these poles with boxes on them. As we approached the edge to look into the centre of the fort we heard a siren going off. Looking across the roof of the fort we could see an alarm unit which was flashing and making a racket. Turns out the boxes on the poles where motion sensors. As we had already seen people working on the quarry site of which the fort resides in, we decided to leave a bit sharpish.

As we were leaving, making our way across the wasteland we heard a two stroke motor. We initially thought it was just some teenagers on a dirt bike or something. Turns out it was security using quad bikes to search for us. Being natural ninja’s we managed to evade their searching efforts and eventually (after hiding in many bushes) escaped. Here are some photos of the fun…

So far so good...

Looking promising...


Crap! Flashing noise box...

Angry security man on quad bike :eek:

Got pretty close at one point...

lol :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


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Is this place covered under any special laws given it's location ?

Not to my knowledge, it's owned by Brett who own the gravel works. They've always kinda tolerated people going there, but I guess they've finally done something about making the place a bit less accessible.


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28DL Full Member
Certainly made an otherwise uneventful day rather interesting :) Has made me think perhaps I need to cut down on the fags and exercise more! lol :p

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