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Report - Cliffe Park Hall, Rudyard, Staffordshire - June 2018


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Hey guys and gals this is my first post. I’ve known about your website for years and wanted to go exploring but never really known where to go/what to do, and felt kinda cheeky just jumping in and demanding information. But now I have something to add, yesterday I stumbled across Cliffe Park Hall when visiting the better half’s parents and we went for a walk. I loved exploring the hall and original ceiling in the main stair case blew me away.


The hall was commissioned by John Haworth, owner of the Cliffe Park estate, in the early 19th century and was completed in the period 1811–1830Howarth died in 1831 and the estate passed to Fanny Bostock, his cousin and also his lover. The hall overlooks Rudyard Lake and in 1851 Fanny commenced proceedings against the North Staffordshire Railway (NSR), owners of the lake, preventing the railway company for using the lake for any leisure activities. The proceedings took four years to conclude but eventually was found in Fanny's favour and it would be almost 50 years before leisure activities were allowed on the lake by which time the railway company would be the owners of the hall.

Fanny died in 1875 with no heirs and the estate was sold in lots by the executors in 1885; ownership of the hall passed to the Reverend E. D. Boothman who retained the hall until 1903. Boothman sold the hall to the NSR who had to seek Parliamentary approval to purchase the hall, and also to use Rudyard Lake as they had wished since 1851. The act was passed in 1904 as the North Staffordshire Railway Act 1904 and the purchase of the hall confirmed. Having also purchased 67 acres of land around the hall the NSR opened a golf course in 1906 using the hall as the club house. The golf course closed in 1926 and after lying empty for some years the hall was leased, in 1933, to the Youth Hostels Association (YHA). YHA purchased the hall in 1955 but closed the hostel in 1969 and sold it in 1970 due to declining circumstances.

Brian Dalley bought the hall from YHA and lived there until his death in 2015. Shortly before his death Mr Dalley was the victim of an aggravated burglary at the hall during which he was tied up for several hours and beaten. Following Mr Dalley's death the hall has been sold again.

Hope the format I’ve used is ok and you all enjoy the post. I’d love to explore more I’m from Runcorn, Cheshire so if anyone else has any information on areas in Cheshire or Merseyside that would be great. Thanks everyone.

P.s. sorry for the photo quality it was all captured on my phone.


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This is becoming quite the tourbus spot now I went back today to show a mate of mine around and bumped into no less than three other groups plus another one heading to it on the walk out...


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Went here tonight just got back. Got caught by the police though. AS they have been looking for some guys that had taken some lead from the place. And they thought it was me lol So could not take pics. So if it gets sealed up sorry guys. But they did not find the guys so they had to let me go and I told then I was just exploring. Did have a wonder inside for a bit though amazing place and a big place inside looks small from the outside. So will have to leave this one for a while.


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I would get to this place quick if you can because the guys that were nicking the lead from the back, Have been ripping the place to shreds so I was told by the police. Had to make a statement to the police last night. As I got in my house ready to go to bed they rang me said to me can you make a statement as we have found one of the guys in custady , that was stealing the lead. So dident get in till 2am this morn..


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Just got back myself from a repeat visit.
There wasn't any evidence of lead gone as far as i could see but I didn't go on the roof, there wasn't water running in which is a good sign. The inside isnt ripped up, it felt like it had been cleaned up a little and maybe some bits of work done here and there, most of the little bits that were scattered around are now gone, maybe part of the cleaning or maybe stolen. I didn't see the big old fridge this time either.
The outside has had some clearing done round the back and they've started to sort out the fallen tree.
The original iron fence at the back looked like it has been removed, maybe to get plant in.
Im not certain as it was dark but I think the stacks of the old fencing have gone.

However, it is now all freshly boarded up, pretty much all the downstairs windows have boards (pretty much ;) ) and the doors have new hardware on them.
The easy access round the back has been sealed.
The garages are now totally sealed replacing the plastic sheeting with boards.

Unfortunatley there is now graffiti appearing here, i dont remember seeing any when I was last there but now even some of the new boards have paint on them. Inside is still quite clear.

There is currently still a way in, not the easiest but still quite doable. However I'm pretty sure this point will be sealed very soon as well.
I did see another possible way after I had come out again but I don't know if it's a viable entry due to the drop on the inside.


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Ive been biking around here for years, can remember it being lived in by the last owner then read about what happened there. I was lucky enough to get in there about a year ago. Went back today and cant believe the difference. Boarded up with a few cctv cameras. Looks like somebody has ripped out the copper piping from the back, such a mess now and a real shame